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We unite

in inspirational story-telling.

Africa Unite Media Group gather positive journalists, content creators & entrepreneurs from around the globe. We have joined forces to highlight the riches, the struggles, the diversity and the opportunities that the African continent has to offer the world.
Stay tuned, things are just about to happen. #AfricaUnite


With the ultimate goal of strengthening the African continent and its image.

The future is full of opportunities. It's up to each one of us to make the best out of it. Mainstream media often depicts Africa as poor and troublesome, regardless of the fact that it's among the richest continent in terms of both cultural diversity, ecological complexity and natural resources. We want to bring a fresh and stimulating option to this limited information flow.

The essential idea behind Africa Unite is to inspire youth around the world to build a balanced, diversified and more realistic idea of what the African continent actually represents.



We believe in diversity. We believe in authentic story-telling.
That's why we encourage to have team members from different regions of Africa and from other corners of the world, to provide a diversified perspective about a large variety of topics, high-lighting the African continent.
we're interested in different

MEDIA profiles

Highly professional is a must. Creativity and complementary difference is a strength.
If you are a highly professional and serious film-maker or entrepreneur, interested in making history and building the profile of Africa for TV, then your profile can be of interest.   Contact us to see how we can collaborate >>

Opportunity 1

Freelance journalists

Are you a journalist, filmmaker, camera man, editor, writer, pad-caster, comedian, graphic designer or do you work with other creative productions that can be adapted for TV? Maybe we can become suitable partners.

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Opportunity 2

Content providers

Do you have already existing content that is waiting to find a thriving audience? We are interested in films, TV series, documentaries, TV-shows, live music shows, music videos and other inspiring contents of high quality.

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Opportunity 3

Business developers

Are you a company or an entrepreneur who can add value to our channel? Do you have a talent and interest to build partnerships, find constructive ways to expand business opportunities or develop new services?

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Our team works from a wide range of locations around the world, so best is to contact us by dropping a message in the contact form, or by simply sending an email.

Postal address: London, UK

+1 888 123 4567

Our team works in different time zones, so no fix telephone hours. Dropping a message and we'll get back to you.


Feel free to join the Africa Unite movement and add the hashtag #AfricaUnite to your social media posts. 
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